Our Focus

Mission and FAQ


Torrance Education Foundation (TEF) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity organized in the early 1990s to unite the Torrance community in financially supporting our award-winning public schools.

Our investors and partners allow us to fulfill our purpose of
• promoting academic excellence for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students in the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD);
• recognizing outstanding teachers, staff, and contributors to education;
• developing strategic alliances with business organizations, parents, and the community;
• nurturing innovation and curiosity;
• championing an inspirational, well-rounded education for all young people served by the TUSD.

Our Mission

To enrich the educational experience for students of the Torrance Unified School District.

Our Vision

Every Torrance student has access to ample educational resources to learn, grow, thrive, and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Education Foundation?
An Education Foundation is an organization comprised of community members who recognize that communities thrive and students succeed when our schools and teachers have more resources to foster learning. As the importance and complexities of education have evolved, education foundations are raising funds for innovative and effective programs that improve student achievement, raise graduation rates, increase employability, and promote lifelong learning.
What does the Foundation do?
TEF is an active fundraising organization and provider of summer programs for students. Our first role is to increase financial resources to support the students, the schools, and Torrance Unified School District through memberships, sponsorships, and special events. The second is to administer and run South Bay Enrichment Academy, our WASC- and NCAA-accredited, tuition-based summer school program for South Bay K-12 students.
How does the Torrance Education Foundation operate?
The Executive Director works with a volunteer board of directors to oversee fundraising, grant-making, and Summer School programs; manage Foundation administration; and build relationships with community members.
Will the Foundation affect the school budget or my taxes?
The Foundation does not affect the school budget, but because school budgets do not often stretch far enough, TEF seeks and accepts donations to give our schools and teachers more opportunities. These contributions are tax-deductible. As a community, we believe that our schools and our students should have more resources than school budgets and taxes alone provide.
How can the City of Torrance and the community at large benefit from TEF? I have no children. The schools do not affect me.
At TEF, we believe that we all have a stake in ensuring the best education for our children. When children and families thrive, our community is a better, safer, happier place to live. The quality of a school system is an integral part of any community’s success. Our schools and graduation rates have a direct impact on property values, the attractiveness of the city for new businesses and industries, and the general quality of life.

We all benefit from improved schools and exceptional educational opportunities for students. Great Schools = Stronger Students = Thriving Community.

How do I contribute to TEF, either with time or money?

Every school year, there are many ways to support the work of Torrance Education Foundation.

  • Become a member of TEF Annual Fund with a tax-deductible gift.
  • Host a membership coffee or cocktail party to introduce TEF to your friends and neighbors.
  • In the fall, become a registered walker for a TEF Team in the annual Skechers Pier-to-Pier Friendship Walk.
  • Attend, sponsor, or contribute an auction item to the TEF annual gala benefit. Feel free to email us for an invitation.
  • Purchase raffle tickets for the Spectacular Car Raffle, held every Spring.
  • Invite TEF to speak to your service club, business networking group, or church group.
  • Include TEF as a beneficiary of your estate plan. Your legacy gift to the TEF Endowment will help Torrance students for years to come.
  • Contact us to learn more about TEF volunteer opportunities.


For additional information, call (310) 320-7232 or email us.

TEF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.