22 students honored at awards reception

May 10, 2018

Torrance, CA – Torrance Education Foundation (TEF) today announced $39,000 in 2018 scholarship for 22 seniors graduating from Torrance Unified School District high schools.

Students and their families were welcomed to a reception in their honor held on May 9th, hosted by the Foundation. The Scholarships range in amount from $1,000 to $2,500. The funding for scholarship awards comes from local corporations, and from funds established in the Foundation’s endowment to honor the memory of several local community members.

Students may apply for Torrance Education Foundation scholarships through their high school college counseling office. Information is made available in January each year, and applications are due in the Spring. The Torrance Education Foundation Scholarship Committee collaborates with TUSD Academic Advisors to select the finalists.

Torrance Education Foundation thanks its generous scholarship sponsors, and proudly recognizes the 2018 scholarship awardees:

Torrance Education Foundation STEM Scholars

Masaki Asanuma, South High School
Judith Eppele, North High School
Sako Makino, Torrance High School
Richard Ruan, West High School

Continental Development Corporation Scholars

Sofia-Melita Guiao, South High School
Christiana Ma, North High School
Sarah Wum, West High School
Alexandra Yanni, Torrance High School

Surf Management Scholars

Lance Caparas, Torrance High School
David Choe, West High School
Jillian Glickman, North High School
Safia Khan, Torrance High School
Timothy Lau, South High School
Kate Lee, South High School
Shawn Lewis, North High School
Marie Shimizu, West High School

Captain Matthew Ferrara Memorial Scholarship

Mandy Kim, South High School

James R. Armstrong Memorial Scholarship

Chloe White, Torrance High School

California Water Services Scholarship

Alyssa Suzuki, North High School

Gene Drevno Memorial Scholarship

Malyejah McGuire, Kurt M. Shery High School

Dee Hardison Memorial Scholarship

Jaibrian Greer, Torrance High School

Rosemary and John Shidler Memorial Scholarship

Preethy Abraham, South High School


Senior TUSD students should consult their High School College Counselor for application details.

For information about becoming a TEF Corporate Scholar Partner, donating to an existing Scholarship Fund, or creating a Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact the Foundation at (310) 320-7232, or Admin@TorranceEducationFoundation.org.

About Torrance Education Foundation:  Founded in 1992, Torrance Education Foundation is a catalyst for community engagement and support for high-quality public education. A 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization, TEF channels contributions from Torrance residents, businesses and philanthropies to provide financial resources for high-priority needs to Torrance Unified School District students, teachers and schools.